About the site

Nature4You is a site created for people who love nature and feel a passion for beauty in their lives.
Founder Esther Schenk Panic aims to take viewers on a special journey through varied aspects of nature reflected in her photographic artwork. Through her images, Esther aims to convey emotional moments she’s experienced while living in, appreciating and respecting nature.
She hopes the artwork can stir viewers to live and love nature and life more fully.


Esther Schenk Panic began taking photos at an young age and showed an early interest in art. She cultivated her sensitivity toward nature by capturing the beauty of wildlife and animals on film. Throughout her life, she has continued to nurture this vocation, widening her scope and traveling to pursue photography.

Esther studied art history in Rome and graphic design in Munich. She then worked for many years as the art director for prestigious magazines. Her professional experience helped her distill what’s essential in the arts. With her passion for nature and animals, photography proved the perfect medium as her creative outlet.

Esther’s pictures reveal the beauty and the spirit of life, showing how we humans are reflected in this portrait. It is this unique instinct for catching the right moment and mood, which makes her works so extraordinary.

Esther spends much of her time in Germany with her two Siberian Huskies as companions. She is constantly outdoors, exploring and appreciating nature.

by Christoph Gerhardt and Doreen Hemlock


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Esther Schenk Panic
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